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Connecting with government opportunities has never been easier!

Responding to bids, quotes and RFPs can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Onvia's DemandStar® streamlines the procurement process by allowing vendors and contractors to find and respond to agencies’ bid notices and RFPs electronically.

With DemandStar, you can...

  • Be automatically notified of new government contracting opportunities that match your business
  • Select the agencies from which you wish to receive leads
  • Find out which competitors are also responding to bids and RFPs
  • Expand sales targets by accessing business opportunities statewide and across the country

DemandStar features two online components:

BidWire®/E-Bidding (for formal bids and RFPs)

  • Receive automatic notification of agencies’ bids and RFPs via email or fax
  • Download bid and RFP documents and specs online – no more waiting for documents, blueprints and forms to be shipped to you
  • Submit your bids and proposals online

QuoteWire® (for informal quotes)

  • Receive requests for and submit quotes electronically
  • Have your quotes evaluated online quickly and easily
  • Winning proposals
  • Receive automatic agency notification of awards

Nearly 400 agencies throughout the nation rely on DemandStar as their e-procurement platform. Sign up for DemandStar today and join these agencies in the 21st century of procurement.

But why stop there? Onvia offers an array of leading-edge products and services that far surpass DemandStar in helping you do more and better business with the government.

  • Onvia’s Online Database lets you search for actionable bids and RFPs from more than 89,000 government agencies.
  • The Onvia Guide delivers bid and RFP notifications that match your product or service to your email Inbox every day. The Guide PDF file contains project descriptions, contact information for buyers and decision makers, free RFP and bid-document downloads, and more.
  • With Onvia’s Custom Services, you can get customized lists of agency decision makers, term contracts that are coming up for renewal, copies of past proposals that won contract awards, and much more.

Visit and find out how our tools, technologies and services can revolutionize your government-contracting business.

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