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Connecting with government opportunities has never been easier!

Responding to bids, quotes and RFPs can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. DemandStar® streamlines the procurement process by allowing vendors and contractors to find and respond to agencies bid notices and RFPs electronically.

With DemandStar, you can...

  • Be automatically notified of new government contracting opportunities that match your business
  • Select the agencies from which you wish to receive leads
  • Find out which competitors are also responding to bids and RFPs
  • Expand sales targets by accessing business opportunities statewide and across the country

DemandStar features two online components:

BidWire®/E-Bidding (for formal bids and RFPs)

  • Receive automatic notification of agencies bids and RFPs via email or fax
  • Download bid and RFP documents and specs online - no more waiting for documents, blueprints and forms to be shipped to you
  • Submit your bids and proposals online

QuoteWire® (for informal quotes)

  • Receive requests for and submit quotes electronically
  • Have your quotes evaluated online quickly and easily
  • Winning proposals
  • Receive automatic agency notification of awards

Nearly 400 agencies throughout the nation rely on DemandStar as their e-procurement platform. Sign up for DemandStar today and join these agencies in the 21st century of procurement.

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